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Warwick Mills awarded contract by New York State Department of Correctional Services for 31,000 pairs of cut resistant gloves.
New Ipswich, NH, USA

The New York State Department of Correctional Services has awarded a contract to New Hampshire-based Warwick Mills to provide over 31,000 pairs of cut resistant gloves. The contract is valued at over $600,000 and will begin shipping in the spring.

In 2005 Warwick was awarded an earlier contract by the state to deliver over 40,000 pairs of their TurtleSkin Gloves for the Correctional Services.

Working closely with corrections officials, Warwick developed a glove that met the comfort, function and protection needs of the line staff in a professional looking glove that meets the state's stringent uniform appearance requirements. The gloves feature a premium quality Cabretta leather shell with a high performance cut resistant liner to protect against slashes from razor blades and inmate fashioned knives.

Warwick program manager John Cronin said "Over 42,000 pairs of TurtleSkin gloves have been on the job in New York since delivery in 2005 without any returns. We have spoken with dozens of officers who were all very happy with their gloves. This new contract is confirmation that the state was pleased with our products and service."

Cronin added, "TurtleSkin is committed to providing advanced life-safety equipment designed specifically for the unique job of corrections professionals. This contract will fuel further development and demonstrates to other states that they can trust TurtleSkin to deliver a quality product on-time and in budget."

In 2008, Warwick Mills released a new line of TurtleSkin stab resistant body armor for corrections and law enforcement usage. The TurtleSkin MFA Body Armor represents new levels of protection from stab, slash and hypodermic needles.

The TurtleSkin "NYDCS-001" gloves are tested by the National Institute of Justice and rated as having "High" dexterity yet will also provide a good amount of protection against razor blades and other edged weapons.

TurtleSkin offers a full range of gloves for law enforcement and corrections applications, as well as stab and ballistic body armor.

Warwick is a leader in the materials science industry and specializes in the research and development of new flexible composites for advanced solutions to the most challenging safety applications, including chemical and biological protection and aerospace materials. Warwick is ISO 9001-2000 certified.

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