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Warwick Mills Awarded Export Achievement Certificate

New Ipswich, NH, USA

United States Department of Commerce recognizes textile engineering firm's presence in the global marketplace

United States Commerce Deputy Assistant Secretary Matt Priest presented the Export Achievement Certificate to Warwick Mills today at the company's headquarters in New Ipswich. The award was given to Warwick in recognition of its recent accomplishments in the global marketplace. In attendance were representatives from the US Department of Commerce, US Export Assistance Center, New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development — International Trade Resource Center, and US Senator John E. Sununu's office.

"Warwick is a shining example of how exporting allows US manufacturers to expand and thrive in the global economy," said Priest. "Warwick truly does balance present challenges with an eye on future possibilities." Priest presented the award to Warwick President Charles Howland.

"Our transition from commodity component supplier to delivering world-class engineering services and high-performance vertical products has us in a strong position to compete globally," says Howland.

"The NH Department of Resources and Economic Development, through its International Trade Resource Center, has been a critical partner in Warwick's success in the global marketplace. Their assistance has helped us to capitalize on new, international opportunities that have presented themselves in the current economic climate," says John Cronin, Warwick VP International Business.

Located in a historic mill building in New Ipswich, Warwick is a world leader in puncture and cut-resistant fabrics. Founded in 1870, Warwick has adapted its development strategy to remain at the forefront of woven flexible composites throughout its history. Warwick's custom engineered products and materials are currently used in applications ranging from military to aerospace to industrial safety.

Warwick holds 14 international patents in high-strength weaving processes. The company produces TurtleSkin protective materials and products for applications requiring advanced levels of puncture and cut protection, as well as durability and performance. The TurtleSkin product line includes gloves for safety and law enforcement, body armor, flame-resistant fabric, snake-resistant clothing, ultra high pressure waterjet gear, and puncture-resistant bike tire liners. Warwick exports its protective products to Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Warwick engineers fabrics from concept, through prototype, and into production. Engineering and manufacturing operations include lab testing, research and development, material production, laminating, and final assembly. Working with Natick Soldier System Center's Shelters Technology, Engineering and Fabrication Directorate (STEFD) and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Warwick develops chemical and biological protective materials that can be assembled into protective shelters for military and emergency personnel.

TurtleSkin weaving technology and flexible composites are designed to meet the specifications of the US Department of Defense's Chemical Biological Protective Shelters (CBPS) and Joint Expeditionary Collective Protection (JECP). Warwick is ISO-9001:2015 certified.

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