Chemical Warfare Protection

Active Chemistry Laminates

Destroying Chemical Threats
The threats presented by chemical and biological warfare and pandemic outbreak of airborne disease demand that our military, first responders, and forward-moving emergency personnel be equipped with protective temporary structures that can destroy chemical and biological agents on contact.

Chemical and Biological Laminates
Warwick develops both passive and active chemical and biological laminates for inflatable tents, framed tents, and other temporary structures for chem-bio defense.

Chemical Warfare Protection

Our passive barrier system uses an impermeable, chemical and biological resistant material that is durable, lightweight, and flexible. An active chemistry system takes the protection features of the passive barrier and incorporates active decontamination properties into the material.

In this way, not only will the chem-bio threat be prevented from entering the structure, it will also be destroyed over time, which is critical when live chemical and biological warfare agents are present. In addition, active chemical agent barriers should be rechargeable (i.e., allow repeat decontamination).

Self-Decontaminating Emergency and Military Shelters
We are developing active chemical barriers for defense that are designed to be more robust and lower in weight, when compared to previously fielded tent offerings. Warwick is working on temporary military shelter materials designed with rechargeable, active chemistry laminates that reliably destroy chem-bio agents.

These self-decontaminating chemical warfare shelters provide protection against fugitive chemical and biological agents. Chemical warfare tent laminates are designed to perform with a variety of base structural models, including low-pressure and high-pressure inflatable systems, as well as metal, composite, and folding frames.

Chemical and Biological Warfare Protection
From initial engineering designs to full-scale production, Warwick offers a complete solution for tent and shelter manufacturers.

Warwick's patented laminates integrate chem-bio barrier protection while delivering the necessary protective structure properties of low weight, flame resistance, weather resistance, durability, packing volume, structural heat seal, and thermal management.

Warwick has optimized these laminates to meet challenging chemical defense goals set by DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency), JECP (Joint Expeditionary Collective Protection), and CBPS (Chemical and Biological Protective Shelters).