Textile Coatings

Advanced Textile Laminates

Advanced Coatings and Adhesives
Several parameters must be considered when engineering a textile adhesive coating. Warwick has the capability to treat textiles with most kinds of adhesives, including water-borne, solvent-borne, and 100% solid. Heat-curing materials are the main thrust, however other types can be considered, such as UV.

Fabric Wetability
In order for the textile and adhesive to make a durable bond, the adhesive coating must wet the surface. Wetting is governed by the energy difference between the fiber and the adhesive. To achieve wetting, the surface energy of the fiber must be greater than or equal to the surface energy of the adhesive.

Textile Coatings
Textile Coatings

We conduct extensive surface energy analysis on textiles and custom adhesives to ensure the highest success rate for bonded assemblies. We have an extensive library of wetting data that is immediately available to assist in adhesive design and selection.

Laminate Coating - Interior
Polyurethane is the base polymer used for the interior coating in Warwick's passive chemistry laminates. The coating is a proprietary formula that contains flame retardants, color pigments, and adhesion promoters, along with inherent high strength and abrasion resistance. The standard colors for interior coatings are shades of white. Exact color matches are easily accommodated to meet customer requirements.

Laminate Coating - Exterior
Warwick's exterior passive chemistry laminate has superior durability and puncture resistance along with color-matching requirements achieved through spectral reflectance analysis.