Isocyanate Adhesion

Chemistry and Bonding Techniques

Isocyanates are combined with other polymers to enhance adhesion performance of textile fibers

Isocyanate Chemistry
Isocyanates are one of the best chemicals for adhesives. The backbone of isocyanates contains the group of elements called "NCO" (nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen). Isocyanates come in liquid and solid forms.

Isocyanate Adhesion
Isocyanates are used in combination with other polymers to enhance adhesion to textile fibers. In some instances, isocyanates can be used alone to bond textiles.

Great care must be taken to have good ventilation and proper personal protection equipment. Only trained staff should attempt using these adhesives.

Isocyanate Adhesion method experts
Polymeric Isocyanates

Custom Isocyanate Adhesives
As with RFL adhesives, Warwick Mills custom formulates isocyanate adhesives to meet your performance needs. Isocyanate adhesives are generally made by the user because of their very short shelf life.

Isocyanate Adhesive Formulation
Warwick's isocyanate specialist has more than thirty years experience in formulating these materials. The modulus and heat resistance of our adhesives can be tailored to your needs while maintaining optimal adhesion levels. We have extensive experience in determining the proper level of isocyanate to obtain these properties.

We do not sell our isocyanate solutions, but they are available when incorporated into coated fabrics.