Turtleskin MultiGuard Gloves

Our Best Cut & Puncture Protection

Offering you the best level of protection

TurtleSkin MultiGuard Gloves have four layers of high-strength aramid for maximum cut and puncture protection. High-risk areas of palm and fingertips are shielded by three layers of TurtleSkin multicoated PM2 for maximum puncture resistance. Two additional layers protect the back of your hand, side, and fingers.

  • Triple Layer TurtleSkin PM2 in High Risk Areas
  • Replaceable Outer Shell Coated for Grip
  • Base Layer: 100% TurtleSkin Aramid

Puncture Protection: Level 4
Cut Protection: Excellent
Size: One size fits most
MSRP: $379.00
Availability: In Stock
Product #: FCW-400

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TurtleSkin MultiGuard Safety Gloves
TurtleSkin MultiGuard Gloves