RFL Adhesives

Custom Engineered Bonds

Warwick uses custom, advanced RFL adhesive techniques to create superior bonds between fabric and rubber

RFL in Textile Bonding
RFL adhesives (RFLs) are used to treat textiles to make them bondable to rubber. RFL stands for Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex. RFLs are chemically combined to make a very strong, heat resistant, highly flexible adhesive that is ideally suited for rubber-to-fabric textile bonding.

Large volumes of RFLs are used in tires, diaphragms, power transmission belts, hoses, and conveyor belts. RFLs have dynamic characteristics, outstanding adhesion, exceptional heat resistance, and the capability to bond to a wide range of fabrics and rubbers.

RFL Bonding
RFL Bonding

Custom RFL Adhesives
Warwick custom formulates RFLs to meet each customer's requirements for adhesion, modulus, heat resistance, flexibility, and other properties. RFLs are generally not made for sale, largely due to their short shelf life. We do not sell RFL solutions.

Warwick's RFL specialist has more than thirty years of formulation experience. We bond polyester, nylon, DuPont™ Nomex® and Kevlar®, and Vectran® to nitrile, neoprene, SBR, and other elastomers.

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